Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Applause

I watched an old woman learn to walk today. Although she was old enough to need a walker, she was learning to use one because she no longer had a right leg.

She strained for minutes to lower herself out of bed and finally grasp a contraption she had never seen or probably even heard of before.

Then, she shakily and slowwwwwwwwwly moved the walker in front of her a couple inches.
…And with enthusiastic patience, the occupatonal therapist cheered.

And with pain and great struggle, she slowwwwwwly hopped an inch on her one foot.
…And with joy, the o.t. threw her approving hands in the air.

Once more, and then she took a rest on a stool before trying to move her leg again.
…And the o.t. sat down next to her, clapping and hollering.

I felt God whispering…“That’s how I cheer for you. When you’re getting frustrated and thinking ‘what is this!! and by the way, am I even moving?!’…I’m beside you…applauding”.

No wonder people meet Jesus in this hospital.