Thursday, February 9, 2012

B is for Booger

Today the kindergartener I work with starting humming the Indiana Jones theme song mid-worksheet. And I was like “uhhh, why did we start humming so loudly?’ And he replied, “I can tell the next part is going to be harder.” 

Last week, while I was gathering his work so he could go home, he decided the floor in the room was lava.  I had to place the mats over to the door so that he could get to  his “lava shoes”. …‘when did everything start being lava?!’ …”When I got bored”.

(Is providing background music for your own life and self-spicing up dull moments a sign of immaturity?! Doubt it.)

I get to hear about anything and everything that is going on in his nose…including but not limited to the location of his boogers and conversations such as “my nose is SO sore!”..why?…”because I pick it SO much!” (Got to appreciate his honesty). 

We are often easily side tracked with realizations like the letter 'f' starts the word fart and 'w' sometimes looks like a butt.

There are wasp nests and preying mantises brought to my desk instead of apples, a constant flow of written sight words (wrapped in paper as gifts) on my home doorstep, and the never ending supply of creative pictures, such as people blowing up trees with dynamite...

*** I admire the perseverance of this girl because, while her hair is clearly being blown away, she has decided that putting on that last ornament is more important than retreating.

Needless to say, the world’s days are being relieved and refreshed, one spectacularly awesome kid at a time.

  (...and I can’t wait to meet this kindermister as the grown-up, brilliant, Jesus-following man he is sure to be and ask if 'f' still stands for fart? and remember when we used to discuss your boogers?)


  1. Just wanted you to know you've now joined the ranks of the Versatile Blogger Award laureates. (

  2. hot lava...amazing how universal that game is!

    I never thought about how "w" sometimes looks like a butt, but I could not be happier that the revelation as been revealed to me. Also, I can only imagine how great you are with the kids!