Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy birfday, Chel!

Happy sweet sixteen to my little taste of heaven!!! Rachel had a birthday!!

I’m a little late because I tried uploading this video to everything and its mother before resorting to youtube.

In case you don’t know Rachel, I think at one point, God was thinking of making another really crazy, swirly, fun, insane planet that everyone would want to live on and never got old, but instead He made her personality.

The other day I was reading about how Paul and Silas were in prison, with their feet fastened, singing hymns to God. And I was like “who the freak does that?!” It’s not like they knew an earthquake was going to come and shake the foundations of the prison and all their chains were going to come loose. Who decided to start singing at midnight instead of thinking of a game plan or asking NOW WHAT, WHATS NEXT or looking for more perfect settings…as in not in a cell. 

And then God was like…”well…Chel is more than capable of doing that".  Chel would go with the 'no plan' plan, the 'sing hymns at midnight no matter how bad things are' plan.  The 'show people a heavenly time without asking what’s next or moaning' plan. And she’d be the first one to think of the jailer.

She is very much a live for today and surrender tomorrow type girl...(okay, but sometimes it affects your homework, let's just be honest, Chel, it does)....But the world still has a lot to learn from her.

Best part is…she’s contagious. I know God is obsessed with me because I got her as a built in to life best friend.

And since one of her love languages is a good dance party, I composed  A LITTLE VIDEO!!! with dancers here, to one of our favorite songs.

Miss you, Chelster!! Can’t wait to road trip the heck out of reverse culture shock with you and your NEW DRIVER'S LICENSE (eeeeeee!!! congratulationssss!!)

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  1. awwww "best sister ever" award goes to YOU, hen!!!!!

    happy belated chel-miester!!!!!!