Friday, March 9, 2012

No, you may not have the last brownie..because I want it. Love, Mom.

So when do moms decide to NOT sit down their child every night for some solid eye contact to say "mommy wants to sleep in tomorrow so you MUST sleep in too or time out ALL day, I'm SERIOUS"? Or decide to raise them and not just let them play movies and eat popcorn all day? These are the deep questions I ponder after living with three boys for five days when both their parents were away. (That being said it was still fun being the "I-think-I'm-cool-but-really-I'm-weird" mom for a week).

And where do teachers find that stern yet still loving voice instead of shunning students to their death with a shriek? Or think of these things called 'lesson plans' that include creative ideas that make kids want to learn? These are the questions I ponder after 'la one room schoolhouse master/teacher of all teachers' was sick this week. (That being no, always more fun when the other teacher is there).

And when did the women here decide that they can pound millet with their babies on their backs so enthusiastically day after day without complaining or saying the world is unfair? (And when did they decide it was a good idea for me to try?!) These are the questions I ponder after I musta pulled somethin' from doing it wrong after like...56 seconds...

But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice .... I am glad and rejoice with all of you.    Philippians 2:17

all I'm sayin' is...moms and teachers got this verse down.^^^^


  1. So, what you're saying wish you had someone there to teach you how to be a good teacher? Not surprised.

  2. Wonderful thoughts, Miss Stringer, wonderful thoughts.