Monday, April 16, 2012

first world girl

A couple friends and I recently found amusement in labeling inconveniences as “third world problems” or “first world problems”.

(For example“Ugh, there is no clean water to drink!“. ..third world problem…Uggggggh, there is no Diet Coke to drink!!”….first world problem).

In the beginning, although we would dish out a fair number of “FWP’s”, there would still be a few “TWP’s” sprinkled in there.

But now that I grabbed onto that joke and ran with it in my head for awhile, I have discovered that most of my so called ‘third-world problems’ are really not third world problems.  The real problem is that I am a first world girl complaining about my first worldliness not working out for me as well in a third world country.

Here are some examples (in case you’re having trouble recognizing my many luxuries, I capitalized and bolded them for you):

Man, the power is out so all my LIGHTS and my FANS and THE MANY APPLIANCES I want to use won’t work…!!!

Darn, my FILTERED WATER tap is at a drip!

Sweet baby Moses, where is a DISHWASHER when you need one?!

You mean I have to wash, cut, and peel all of these veggies?? But I BOUGHT SO MANY!

Dang, my FRIDGE isn’t cold anymore, so I had to move everything to my FREEZER!

My well SCREENED AND ROOFED HOME isn’t keeping all the insects I don’t like out??!

I had to move to the floor because MY BED and/or MY COUCH and/or MY MATTRESS are too hot!!

The AIR CONDITIONING is on in the schoolhouse and I’m still sweating?!?!

What, THE INTERNET isn’t working?!

Ugh, MY COMPUTER is overheating and nothing will play!!

I have to grind  my own MEAT tonight?!!? 

My GAS OVEN is gonna  freakin’ kill me……(unlike my loved ‘375?-Beep-boop-beep-then-press-start’ oven)?!?

Bummer, both my flip flops are broken from the rocks (okay, from me tripping on rocks) , guess I have to move to my OTHER PAIR or BUY MORE (cuz I can).

I‘m not saying that these are things I shouldn’t be used to after growing up for 22 years in the west …I’m just saying…maybe it’s not Africa that’s the problem, ya know?

(Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, Philippians 2:14...I have an NIV Bible but if anyone has a translation with an “unless” in that verse…especially an “unless it’s 110 degrees"…I would absolutely LOVE to read it...)

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