Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Galmi Warriors

A newcomer mentioned how coming here you realize how overly comfortable it is at home.

There are the smaller annoyance (the first world problems)…where if it's not one thing it‘s another… If the mosquitoes aren’t waking you up, your sweat or dehydration is.  If your water starts to work, your water nozzle might start electrocuting you (this weekend’s problem). If you’re not sick with somethin' this month…don't worry, it’ll get cha next month.

But the worst ‘what if’s’ happen to those who serve here as well.  A family member is extremely sick and across the ocean. There are severe car accident injuries because of donkey carts. Daily, patients' lives are fought for and they still die. Too many dead babies and oppressed women are seen.

God isn't messing around when He calls someone to Galmi, that's fo sure. What missionaries persevere through here constantly amazes me.

“There is a place set aside in the Spirit where we make the enemy confused.

We weary him by our rest.
We discourage him by our faith.
We demoralize him with our joy.
We depress him by our endurance.
He is dispirited by our favor,
Defeated by our grace.

Warriors know that JESUS reigns.”
(Graham Cooke)

I live among some real warriors. There’s no t.v. show or shopping item or binge eating or getting away with friends to make you feel better, you stay sustained by looking to Him. People whisper Jesus’ name for comfort. They pray in His name for power.  Troubled hearts are constantly being lifted to the Son of God.

I had a picture of Galmi on earth…where there was difficulty and grieving hearts and sleepless nights. And then I had a picture of the same Galmi with spiritual eyes…where lights were flashing and swords were slashing as the hearts of these servant warriors conquered the enemy, simply by refreshing themselves in Jesus.