Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mike and Joan

I usually get motion sickness on planes so I've never been a huge fan of them. And considering I used to cry every time I went back to college, I'm also not a huge fan of saying bye to my family. So I think in an effort to comfort me, God put me on jusssst the right spot on the plane. Right behind my new favorite older couple/new best friends, Mike and Joan. And by best friends, I mean we never talked and I just eavesdropped on their banter. Although, I was tempted to squeeze my head in between the airplane chairs and say "I just think you guys are great".

Joan:  You already ate the whole cinnamon roll?
Mike:  Yup. (wide smile).
Joan:  Wow... Didn't even offer this old woman a piece, Mike?
**Keep in mind that Joan laughs at all her own jokes. Similar to my mother...and unfortunately, myself.**
Mike:  No way. I heard you sniffling. YOU have a cold.
Joan:  You could have ripped me off a MORSEL, Michael.
Mike:  Gross.
Joan:  (pauses...then sniffs right in his face...followed by lots of laugher done by Joan).

Joan:  I'm hungry.
Mike:  Eat your granola bar.
Joan:  No. I'm MORSEL hungry.

Even later...
Mike:  (to flight attendant) Excuse me, have you ever even heard of such a thing as being 'morsel hungry'?
**Keep in mind that Mike also laughs quite a bit at himself.**
Joan:  (to grinning flight attendant) MICHAEL, HOW DARE YOU!!! DONT GIVE HIM HIS DRINK!!

Pretty sure that this (quite) old couple were the best part of the attendant's and my flight. Their humor was hilarious, but it was their lively cheer that got me back into the groove. Crazy how contagious a joyful spirit can be...and you never know who is watching, or needs it!..could be the misty eyed and slightly nauseous girl sitting behind you.

Best part about it: Joan had a zebra bag. Seeing some zebras after all.

**(to keep this blog honest, you should know that I made up the name Joan. but I am sure that was the woman's name. she looked like a Joan AND I feel that the name goes great with Mike).**

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