Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Truman Show

Before I came here, my friend mentioned she wished I was on the Truman Show (you know who you are, ya creeper) so she could see every thing that was happening. And it’s so ironic because the past couple days, I’ve really felt like that dude. Not so much the ‘everyone is watching you’ Truman, moreso the “freaking out in the car as the bike lady cycles by again and he realizes its all a set up’ Truman.

From receiving encouragement from two men in the airport traveling with Samaritan’s Purse who had been to Niger…to talking with a guy about his book called Knowing Jesus on the airplane…to partnering in the impossible mission of finding our international flight with a young girl who had recently aided sex trafficked victims in India…I have been encouraged and in awe at the work and the testimonies of so many amazing people from around the world.  Every time, I walk away from an encounter with someone, whether it was a long conversation or the janitor that tracked me down to tell me that I had left (my only) long sleeved possession in the airport chair (what kind of airport janitor does that?!), I‘m always shrieking (in my head, no worries), “THAT WAS A SET UP!!”.

But unlike my man Truman, I’m so thankful that Someone is not only setting me up but experiencing and enjoying it with me.

Not to mention the added comic relief when a missionary in Charlotte turned to me and said, “You wont starve, as long as you can cook. And you’ll have no problem with the language, as long as you’re not tone deaf.”…Seriously?! The two items on my top five list of things EVERYONE KNOWS I can’t do…I was just waiting for him to say “you won’t die…as long as you’re coordinated.”

I’m also pleased to announce that I’ve introduced the word “awesome” to the people at my layover in Casablanca.

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  1. i'd watch your life if it was on tv. and if that's creepy i apologize but it's how i feel