Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quotable Quotes

There's a lot of good things being said 'round here:

“I always popped my squats next to a shrub …they need the hydration…that way I could add agricultural helper to the missionary resume.”
 -ExNigerien missionary

“And now I'm in the post-Notebook slump. Wishing I had a man that looks like Ryan Gosling. UGH. Totally equatable to the struggles your going to face while living on your own in a third world country and teaching children. I probably have it more difficult, honestly.”
 -Awesome email from a funny friend

“Is that an airplane?”…”no, i turned on the ceiling fan.” 
-A dinner conversation interruption...seriously, though, they're so loud

YOU PUT THE COBRA IN YOUR FRIDGE?!”…”well, he would go bad on the counter…”
 -My neighbor (who will now be referred to as Tarzan..on this blog…and to his face...and probably behind his back) kept the cobra that was found and killed here yesterday

Later…”don’t worry, the snakes don’t always come out…only if they’re hungry.”
-Nigerien making honest efforts at a pep talk for me

“Here’s a bag of sugar! Let’s buy this one.” …”Um, I think that’s sodium nitrate…for fertilizer.”
-Friend to a friend...but I say whatever, all those things look the same!…and its not like my cooking could get worse

And from the kiddlings:

No, they make them too spicy.” ….”only if theyre cooked, I don’t really like them raw.
-My students answers to if they like eating grasshoppers (you think they would say ‘no…cuz they’re insects’)

“It would be hard for people like you…whoops!..I mean old bend over and get it…” 
-A boy to the teacher (the younger ones haven’t learned how to cover their tracks well yet, I guess)

And the real deals:

"Have you ever noticed that a lot of Jesus' ministry was when He was interrupted?"
-Shyikes! and to think I'm always trying to avoid interruptions when I'm working or even doing ministry

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  1. you should put all the funny things you say on here too!...