Thursday, July 19, 2012

still have all my limbs!

Going to sleep last night, I realized I had one leg hanging off the side of the bed. DEATH WISH!…that is so against the cardinal rule I created when I was three years old and have stuck to ever since…never let any limbs hang off the side of the bed or they will get eaten by the monster that is under your bed. It‘s untaught life knowledge. But when you’re already sleeping with no sheets and your mattress is radiating heat, you have to get a limb off the mattress for some sweet air.

What other random things have changed you ask?

…Now that I have seen the success of saving wrapping paper and reusing it, expect to see your wrapping paper again on Christmas and birthdays. Think of how much money I’ll save! Enough to pay off my debt?

…When I first came I thought NesCafe tasted like hot dirt, but now I think it’s one of life’s little morning miracles. I would rather see NesCafe in the morning than a sunrise, a beautiful dove, or that my shower has water. Judge me for that, I don’t care, we’re in love.

… Seeing snakes puts a damper on my night walk.

… I no longer want to steal children as I have been offered too many. I’d rather moms want their children (okay, I still want to steal them but I’m working on wanting moms to want them)...(and okay, I may have taken a little girl for the whole day without asking but AT LEAST I RETURNED HER!)

… Grace is a way deeper pool than I thought.

… Judgement is a way trickier trap than I thought.

… Normal is the new fat…as far as children go. I see a skinny-normal-ish kid…and I’m screaming with joy…THIS HUMAN IS SUCH A MASSIVE CHUNK OF LIFE, HURRAY!!!

… I don’t like cooking from scratch…oh wait, not a change. I can recall many moons ago flopping myself on the floor in front of Spicy Swiss Nurse and shrieking “I will never cook again!”…that was October, people.

… There is no longer a Wednesday in my weekly calendar. It’s Monday, Tuesday, Cinnamon Bun Day, Thursday, Friday….(the team eats cinnamon buns together on Wednesdays…I would recommend this to anyone anywhere on the world…eat something AWESOME on Wednesday).

… I no longer have to pay $60 to sign up for one of those awesome 5k mud runs because I have done many a mud obstacle course trying to get around since rainy season started.

… Perseverance. This should be talked about all the time in every church at every corner. Accepting that easier ways to live exist but Jesus didn't live those and I wasn’t asked to either.

… I thought the Coca Cola commercial where the guy sings and hands out coke to people was cheesy until I received a Diet Coke from a visitor and I swear it feels exactly like that commercial.

… “Confidence in Christ” is usually one of those terms you tell teenager girls when they think they’re hair isn’t straight enough but I’ve come to discover  is it much deeper, more powerful, and more exciting than that.

… I have never been so aware of my left hand or my knees, even behind closed doors.

… When God said keep a tight rein on your tongue, that pretty much changed any and every conversation I have ever wanted to or will have with people. Stilllllllllll workin’ on it.

… If you had told me last year that I’d be wearing the same three skirts and few shirts for a year, I’d be like BAHAHAHAHHA…what? But now…who is “make-up“?…when is “hair dryer”?

… I swear my hairline is receding from the pull back from all these headbands, head wraps, and pony tails. SERIOUSLY, CAN THAT HAPPEN?!

… Yes, even when the deep suffering of the world a few steps away from you, it is still possible to think about your hair…so no matter how disconnected or distant you feel from the poor and sick..pray anyway, give anyway, “spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed”anyway. Because the best way to combat complacent living is with obedient, radical living…doesn’t happen on accident.

… My sister would go in search of her real sister if I told her how much more I shower now.

…I now can understand Irish accents. Tis a wee miracle. Lovely.

Okay, I’m getting a little carried away. What was this list about again? This is why you don’t blog after drinking coffee...and by coffee, I mean NesCafe!

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