Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Gets Me Pumped.

 If I was a better blogger, I would flood you with stories from bus tripping around to different villages and cities these past couple weeks….

…But can‘t do everythin’, ya know??  Instead, I will say that if you are one of those people who can’t help but mumble that this world is sooo getting worse (usually after reading the news, watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, or after having to chop onions) like I am…take heart! Because even all the way over here in the Land of "Niger? Do you mean Nigeria?” and in the midst of extreme poverty and suffering, we DO NOT serve an insecure God.

And hott lanta, He is using His children’s lives to change lives in crevices ALL OVER.

After visiting an orphanage, an orthopedic clinic, a leprosy hospital, a fistula surgery center, and different ministries with even more people who are caring for and evangelizing to orphans, widows, strangers, prisoners, the sick, the naked, and the distressed…I can truly report to you that:

The blind receive sight, 
the lame walk, 
those who have leprosy are cured, 
the deaf hear, 
the dead are raised, 
and the good news is preached to the poor. 
Matthew 11:4. 

I have met many servants who are persevering through one sometimes-sucky-sometimes-awesome day at a time to live in a way that proves they believe Jesus has done and is doing everything He said He would do.

They are being obedient, self-controlled, alert, seeking God, picking up their crosses and choosing Him, breathing Life into people with their words and actions, and along the way, they are encouraging their brothers and sisters in Christ to keep their butts in gear.

They are doing the real thang for the real God!!…in Galmi, in Niger, in Africa, in America, for both new and familiar cultures around the world, as we speak!

I love that. Let’s get in on that.

Hanging out in one of the leprosy wards.
(And by "get in on that" I don't mean sprawl across the floor at the last second 
to get into the photo like this man did....though I salute his enthusiasm)