Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Most Important Post Ever


Just like there are no stupid questions, there are no stupid things to get in your mailbox.

Galmi Hospital
c/o Jenny Stringer
B.P. 44 Madaoua
Republique du Niger

And we all know what else they say...
"It ain't over til the fat lady receives mail."
"A watched mailbox never fills."
"When in America, do as the Americans do and send mail."
"If worst comes to worst, at least you have mail."
"One small letter in the mailbox, one giant package in the mailroom."
"Simba, you have forgotten me. You have forgotten to send me mail and so you have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. And write a card or something."

I even included the address in my profile so there will be no excuses.

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