Thursday, October 20, 2011

welcome, babies!

The CREN has some of my favorite people to spend time with and is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit...(I probably will start going there more and more often and not pick up on the social cues that it's too much).  But Jesus took children in His arms and said that if you welcome them in His name, you're welcoming Him. And I would love nothing more than to welcome Jesus right into the CREN, especially if the babies get used to me...a one year old came right up to my lap today!

The bad news is I am horrible at remembering to take pictures (anywhere). The good news is my friend came with me one time and took some!!

I'm really going to miss these women when they head back home!!
They watch the Jesus Film often...(sorry that I sometimes talk during the movie).

 Some beautiful women...(can you spot me??).

TAKING THE CHILD IN HIS ARMS, He said to them, anyone who welcomes a little child like this on My behalf welcomes Me,  and anyone who welcomes Me welcomes not only Me but also my Father who sent Me.
Mark 9:36-37.


  1. ...I couldn't find you. Are you the one holding a baby?

  2. you need to get come cooler printed outfits and then you'll really blend in