Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sensing Some Galmi School Differences....

I’ve only taught for two weeks…and never in the U.S...but besides having five different grades in one room, I've noticed other parts of my teaching experience that seem like they're a lil different...

1. Students see my underwear hanging on a line outside and know its mine when they watch me take it down.
2. New books (aka haven’t been opened since they were donated) means killing the earwigs before you write your name in them.
3. In the classroom, we all walk around in bare feet.
4. Lizards are the class pet…and we have more than one of them.
5. The power goes out several times a day, good thing we have some windows.
6. No one flinches when the power goes out, but if it starts to rain, kids start pleading for a storm day (kinda like a snow day).
7. They call me Auntie Jenny, not Miss Stringer.
8. They knock at my apartment door to show me dead birds, big bugs, and chameleons.
9. Half the time they’ve come to my door, they’ve seen my indecent…aka with a tank top on. Heaven forbid I be in shorts.
10. Instead of using Kleenex for their runny noses, its kept around  for wiping sweat off  faces and desks.
11. My kindergartener is still confused by weather conditions such as cloudy, snowy, or windy. But if I describe sunny, he gets it right every time.
12. I don’t send the kids to the nurse, I personally walk them all the way home to a parent who is probably a doctor.
13. I race the kids to school (and lose every time…and then blame it on my skirt).
14. Gym class means me spending an hour afterwards pulling thorns out of skirt from getting the ball in the bushes…next time have the boys do it…noted.
15. Instead of pouring knowledge down my kids’ throats, I go down the line and pour water.

***Things that are the same: Amelia Bedelia is still a crazy lunatic, why do kids like those books.!

Quote of the week: “Look, this is my toenail! I just clipped it off with my mouth…I do that sometimes.”


  1. Jenny,

    I have just sat here for the last 10 minutes laughing out loud and reading to my roommates about your post in teaching! It is funny how we are both in the same position miles away and I am some how complaining about my experience. Guess I should be more thankful huh? I am MORE THAN POSITIVE that you are a WONDERFUL teacher and your students adore you! Take picture for me! Keep your head up and keep shining for our dear Lord and His beautiful kingdom!

  2. alright auntie jenny! my favorite was #10 but i liked all of them. i think i can picture you watching that happen and my picture makes me laugh. so that's why it's my favorite. also the underwear one is funny. i don't remember you being funny. but maybe you've just changed. who knows

  3. Do I get extra points if I can tell you which child 'clips' his own toenails???