Thursday, November 17, 2011

M-r-s Degrees

Quick shout out to Taylor University for preparing me for all the marriage talk that takes place in this country.

I have had more than one proposal (can’t wait to pull  a few comments like “eh, I’ve had better offers” whenever I get a guy that I actually like to go down on one knee).
(translated from French ):“Tell your friend to marry me.”…(then in English to me): ”I have three camels”.
Me: “Oh, sorry, my dad wants 5,000 camels?”
Few moments of silence: “Five or five thousand?”
Me: "Five thousand."
Man (laughing): "I don’t have!"
And we both said smiling farewells….so needless to say, if you make the right jokes, they take rejection pretty darn well.

A few hours later, at the church youth night (which is also known as ‘singles group' and I was warned to not speak to the boys if I wanted to make friends), we learned that their Christmas skit was about a young woman who had an arranged marriage but she didn’t marry for love and divorced. I am still open for suggestions as to the moral of the story and what it has to do with Christmas.

(Added story: I was horrified when I nudged the Nigerien girl next to me when they were taking volunteers for the main part and she said “no, YOU” louder than my “you”, and then the group proceeded to try to get me to do it. Thank goodness “no Haussa“ got me out of that one pretty quickly.
…I guess they don’t need the typical angel or wise men parts, but maybe I’ll still get to be a flower girl or something.)