Monday, November 7, 2011

New Investments

Something I wasn’t expecting coming to Galmi: there are a lot of people that come and go. And so far, in my personal opinion, it has been mainly ladies my age. Great part is that the understanding of both the laughter and trouble here brings people together quickly. Bad news is: friends leave!

Since arriving a month or so ago, my time has been enriched with many wonderful women from all over the world…a swiss medical student, a romanian pharmacist, a swiss nurse (find reason to travel to the Alps…check), and a surgery resident from the U.S.

Then one by one, week by week, I found myself helping a different friend prepare to go back home.

The past two weeks, I was blessed with yet another incredible woman, a confident yet humble emergency doctor from North Carolina. We shared laughter, struggles, prayer, food, then today, I hugged her goodbye.

It’s a strange feeling to watch your friend take off to the familiar then realize you are still standing there. And whether they stay two weeks or two months, I find myself sobbing or at least in tears when they leave.  I don’t cry because I want to go too but because I will sincerely really miss them.

After another emotional hug, a long term missionary came up beside me and asked if I was okay.  I replied with a tearful “I guess it’s worth it”, and without me having to explain, she wrapped her arm around me and said confidently, “yes it is, because it is an investment in their lives.”

I hadn’t thought of friendship as an investment...but the feeling I get when people leave is quite the confirmation that it is. Though the time, food, and emotional investments are temporary… yay for the awareness that Christ is being modeled for each other and the growth that comes from that, the eternal investments.


  1. Amen! Such a love/hate relationship i have with those investments... Thanks for all of your great posts, btw :) You paint great pictures with your words.

  2. stinks to have feelings. but you always wear them well

    but seriously stop being such a baby