Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Party in the U.S.A?!

At a team meeting last night, a woman said that as we are praising the Lord, the enemy is not going to want to stick around. Thanksgiving seems to be quite the part-ay to remind us of that.

So even though we celebrated here a couple weeks ago (between the U.S. and Canada holiday), I’ll have you know that my heart will be partying hard right next to you Americanos tomorrow!!

And my heart’s been warming up because I’ve recently been rejoicing more THAT…

…one of my modes of transportation is not riding on camels cuz they are so slow and they make my thighs sore for days.
 …I still get ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ stuck in my head.
…God appreciates all my prayers even if I’m only saying things like “nice” or “good one” or “really??!!!”
…I get to be the child and He is the Father.
…my mom made me bring a sewing kit because I am shredding clothes fast. Thanks, mom!!!
…despite troubles and joys, God has taught me to add ‘just as it is’ after thanking Him for my life or a situation or a person.
…I don’t mind bugs or snakes too much (my neighbor would disagree) but that some others do, because watching them freak out is quite the supply of hidden laughter and entertainment for me.
…God created senses of humor and they can get you through a lot more than just a comedy movie.
… God breaks my heart for what breaks His.
…‘break and bake’ exists, even if not here.
…I have received no judgment for the recent peeling by my hairline that gives me bad dandruff.
…I’m not surrounded by  “good people” but people who know God’s goodness, and yikes that is more enduring.
…I get a wintry feeling when my Nigerien second grader shows up to school with gear I would wear sledding (because it’s “so cold”?!? in the mornings).
…kids say the darndest things.
…the lines between needs and wants are getting less blurry.
…I don‘t want to fall in love with my life, I want to fall in love with Jesus.
…my closest two neighbors said they don’t mind when I blast my music (probably will live to regret it).
…God DOES make His presence felt. He DOES speak to our hearts. He DOES show us His goodness.
…I haven’t taken my malaria pill in quite some time but I still don’t have malaria (…I’m gonna get so much heat for this, I’m SORRY, I’ll start today, I keep forgetting!)
…I have the movie “The Proposal” and every short term girl who has come and gone has loved its entertaining relief and I’m pretty sure it’s Kelsey A.’s and this is how she is finding out I have it….
…the smallest thing “can make my day” or, even better, make someone else’s day.

Or better said, “Give thanks in ALL circumstances for this is GOD’S WILL for you in Christ Jesus”!  1 Thessalonians 5:18.


  1. God is doing a great work in you, Jenny Stringer.

    Your break-n-beak comment reminded me of this:

    Hope it loads for you. It's not exactly the most inspirational thing to comment with since your post is fairly full of thanks...Hopefully it's not offensive. Humor CAN get us through a lot--and, we shouldn't lie (comic).

  2. funny again jenny! look at you. I'm so proud. But for some of the more serious ones i gotta give you an amen. you're the coolest and i love that your heart breaks for what breaks God's and i love that you're loving Him and i believe that as you love Him more you will love your life more because it will look exactly as He wants it to look.

    also consider this your first judgement for your hairline peeling dandruff issues... that's nasty