Friday, November 25, 2011

when America's adventures meet Africa...

You think I would've been really homesick on Thanksgiving, but no, I am homesick the day after Thanksgiving…the day where I join two of my most favorite females on the planet (my mother and sister), wake up in the middle of the night (huge fan of night expeditions), and then do some bargain hunting…all in the name of Christmas gifts for the five excited children left at home. OH THE PAIN OF MISSING OUT ON THAT ADVENTURE WITH THEM!!! I would place it just below how much I miss McDonalds and just above how much I miss watching Bears games (should i not admit to missing those things?).

So in honor of this day, I recruited a couple women to celebrate with me at the market…and bargain like we’ve never bargained before.

I am pleased to say that I almost got the full Black Friday experience.

The parking lot was full....

the crowd could get overwhelming...


                           Snag a deal at Payless...?                      ...or Forever 21...?

Anyone up for a little snack of locust?...
....or a stop at Mcdonalds???

        (...but seriously, this is the guy I buy my meat from)

And then head home with a full car...

 ...or atleast with somethin'.

...(mom and Chel...I have no doubts in you.)


  1. Jenn...did you park in the "expecting mothers" parking spot? You know what I'm talkin' bout... (don't you, otherwise this is weird).

  2. for some reason riding in a car anywhere with rachel doesn't seem like it would be anything but stressful... but at least you'll ALWAYS know right where you are and NEVER need a gps and ALWAYS know if you need to make a "little left" or a "little right"

    also i was in a box seat for the eagles bears game. don't covet (Exodus 20:17)

    also do not murder (Exodus 20:13)

  3. Dear Jenny, i miss McDonalds too, my mom doesn't let me go there much. We saw your mom, Seeah (sp) and Charlie in preschool where we sang songs and the unit verse is Prov 13.9 "people who please God by doing right are like bright, shining lights." praying for you. my mom hopes you take your malaria pills. Ben K